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Lipglosses $12, member price $5

These glosses come in squeeze tube applicators with a slant tip.  I actually prefer this style for my kit because it's easy to dispense product onto palettes for use on my clients.  They gave me a nice range of colors.  Not sticky at all...actually extremely moisturizing.  They kind of went on like OCC Lip Tars (not quite as opaque though) but they don't leave your lips dry.  Upon testing, I noticed they have a sweet taste...not too overwhelming, just a little bit surprising.  I was actually really impressed with these.  The color is very buildable and you can actually get opacity from these products as opposed to many brands which are sometimes frustratingly sheer.  I used the red gloss and gold gloss pictured below in two recent shoots and they turned out great! I also rocked the pink in my last Sigma Makeup look featuring the Fun Colors kit.

Here's a pic of me wearing the Red lipgloss in my Drag Makeup Tutorial. Here's a Shot of the Red Lipgloss
I used on a model
Here's a Shot of the Gold Lipgloss
I used on another model.

Eyeliners/Lip Liners $5.99

These liners can be used for either eye lining or lip lining. I was sent basic shades like black and brown, as well as more colorful shades and even some with glitter.  They kind of reminded me of Pencil In Cosmetics in that they have their own pencil sharpener.  I was a little weary at first because the pencil sharpener cap leaves a little gap.   I thought that this might dry out the liner but after about two weeks, the liner was still intact. Also, the sharpener works pretty well!  I was actually really impressed because the liners were super pigmented and creamy.  They're actually really good!  You can even use these as an eye base.  The glitter liners actually do have a good amount of glitter in them unlike a lot of brands.  The liner states that it is waterproof.  I tested the black liner on my lids at work and noticed that it faded after a short time.  I'd probaby use them on the eyes if I wore a base underneath and set with powder.  However,  I love these for lips!

Would I Recommend?  Definitely!  Especially for lip lining.


Eyelash Curler

When I first saw this eyelash curler, the style reminded me of the one from E.L.F.  The handles have a type of flat surface which make them easy to squeeze.  They have it packaged super cute in their logo and colors.  When I tried the lash curler, however, I noticed that the curve of the lash curler does not fit well into my eye shape and as a result I can't reach any of my itty bitty lash curlers.  I think this would work for those with normal size lashes, but might be an issue with super short lashes.

Double-Tipped Applicators

I was actually surprised that the brand carried their own double ended applicators.  Again, they packaged them nicely with their colors and logo.  They're much like q-tips but they have a pointed end on one side.  The applicator is not too flimsy but not super sturdy either...it's right in the middle.  I absolutely love using these for cleaning up the end of winged liner and getting the perfect point.  Also, they're perfect for my newest way of applying false lashes.  Apply a bit of glue onto the applicator and dab onto your lashline, let dry for a few seconds, and then pop your lashes on.  This is such a fool proof way of applying falsies without getting glue everywhere.  The pointed tip of these applicators are perfect for it!

The items are sold at retail price unless you sign up for a membership for daily discounts of up to 40-50 percent. Membership is free!

You can check out these products at http://www.jaguarluxurycosmetics.com/.  I was actually impressed that this company originally known for hair, has created a very nice makeup line.  I think my favorites of everything I reviewed are the lipglosses.  The official site for their cosmetics line was March 1st, 2010.  I just checked and noticed that the site might not be completely updated yet, so stay tuned for more web developments.



Escada, opened its Fifth Avenue flagship store the week after September 11, but they had an ace in the hole. Retail traffic on New York's Fifth Avenue was down 56% following the attacks so any opening needed an added sense of relevancy. Luckily Escada's grand opening theme was highlighted by its stars and stripes spring 2002 line of women's clothing. New York City noticed. The stars and stripes line immediately boosted Escada's presence on Fifth Avenue. Escada dresses featured beaded stars and stripes. Handbags, scarfs, and other accessories were all stars and stripes. Even the leather jackets had stars on them. Furthermore, the entire store was decorated in red white and blue. Soon after, many stores on Fifth and Madison Avenues were decked out in red white and blue. This was the beginning of a red white and blue trend acrosss America.


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